Brynn Monaghan

Marketing Coordinator / Realtor


I grew up in a small town, like Steel Magnolias small.

So I made lemonade out of the lemons I was handed in Forty Fort, Pennsylvania; I became an expert thrifter, flea market haggler and diner counter conversationalist. My college acceptance letter from Temple University was my one way ticket to Philadelphia and I’ve been here ever since. Twelve whole years.

A lot of different experiences

  • Working as a nanny. I can change a diaper with my eyes closed.
  • Managing the coffee bar at the DiBruno Brothers on Chestnut St. I would be a fool not to create a bartering system with the Cheesemongers. “I give you espresso, you give me cheese.”
  • Creating Communications departments for two local nonprofits – one being an environmental organization and yes, I do know how to plant rain gardens and riparian buffers.
  • Booking events for a photo booth company and sometimes even operating the camera myself. Believe me, I’ve seen a lot of crazy weddings.
  • Taking care of business as the project manager for an awesome design/tattoo studio, True Hand Society. We did cool branding projects for local restaurants – Kensington Quarters, Double Knot, Cafe Lift, to name a few – and businesses. I have the tattoos to prove it.

A wide network of talented Philadelphians brought me to where I am today. (Hat tip to all those conversations at Eddie’s Diner.) I bring years of project management and communications experience to my role as a real estate agent and Creative Brand Manager for Harlow Grey Homes.

Like me, you have a story that makes you, you. A huge part of that story is where you came from, where you want to go and where you decide to call home. So let’s get coffee sometime soon – I’d love to hear all about you and help figure out where you’re going next, whether renting one of our luxury Airbnbs or purchasing your own piece of Philadelphia.

Brynn Monaghan
Marketing Coordinator/ Realtor
O: 215-625-3650 C: 570-709-4302 F: 215-625-4721
2200 Walnut St. Philadelphia PA 19103

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