The Hepburn’s Quiet Town

The Hepburn, the lake house in the Harlow Grey collection of homes, is the perfect blend of luxury and seclusion. This property has it all — including a charming country town! The Hepburn is located in Greenwich, NJ (pronounced green-witch), a truly old fashioned small town. A quick, five minute drive takes you to Greenwich’s main street which is lined with beautifully preserved colonial and Victorian homes and surrounded by preserved wetlands, farmland and forests.


This charming town has a rich history, much of which revolves around the Delaware Bay. The Native Americans of the Lenape tribe lived off this abundant land. When European settlers came to the area, they used Greenwich as a port town. This lead to a little known, yet important, event in the American Revolution — The Greenwich Tea Party! Local patriots overtook a shipment of tea on its way to Philadelphia, and burned the tea in solidarity with Boston’s Tea Party. As time went on, Greenwich anchored itself in the shipbuilding, oyster harvesting, and sturgeon fishing industries.


The town of Greenwich is part of one of the country’s largest privately funded wetlands preservation efforts, The Bayside Tract. This Delaware Bay community has taken great care to preserve the habitat for the abundant.

For the bird lovers in the group, the Hepburn is a perfect sanctuary to watch hundreds of migrant birds. Bald eagles are native to this lake region, and feed on fish in the many lakes and waterways in the area.


Book your stay at the Hepburn to experience all of the history, natural beauty, and friendly charm that Greenwich has to offer.


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